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Project:  Water intrusion investigation in a stucco home:

"I would like to thank MarkSoderlund and his staff on their recent inspection of our home after we had discovered moisture issues in our stucco.  Your professionalism and attention to detail proved to show that we did have some serious issues and flaws that were shown on the report during the construction of our home.  Your 30 plus page thorough inspection report should help to get the settlement we need to correct these issues."     - Blaine, MN

Project:  Design of a concealed steel I-beam to eliminate a post and boxed header for a basement remodel:

"We will send some pictures for reference – you have made a wonderful difference in the remodel of our house!"          - Burnsville, MN

Project:  Isolating the source of water leakage within an exterior wall:
"Thanks for your very professional work at my home yesterday, especially on short notice.  Much appreciated."     - Eden Prairie, MN
Project:  Water intrusion investigation in a home:
"THANK YOU thank you thank you!  Your expertise and information were critical to us and we are very thankful you took the time to see our home, go through our files and help us understand our home issues.  We are extremely appreciative.  We have successfully mediated a settlement for our home defects."    - Rochester, MN